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At Midas Capital Management we have one clear mission: To assist our clients in achieving their investment objectives at the least risk and the highest returns.

Inherent in that is a fiduciary responsibility to protect the assets they have accumulated and provide a level of comfort with their investments in the capital markets. Providing peace of mind is essential in helping clients make their right decision, especially when their emotions might persuade them to do otherwise.

Midas Capital Management has assembled a core of financial professionals with expertise in retirement solutions, wealth management, investment management, and family office services. We provide cross-border wealth management solutions through our global partnerships so we can serve you any time anywhere.

That is one of the pillars of our company to pamper our clients be always available and to take away their fear and stress.

Our Services

Capital Markets

We provide advise and services to help you with acquisitions, financing and other transactions. We listen to clients articulate their needs, goals and priorities.

Portfolio Management

We go beyond the financial to lay out plans with a goal of increasing value. Expertise that centres on diversified solutions and a service-led approach to portfolio management.

Investment Platform

Our goal is to provide an extensive network that enables international clients to invest immediately, retaining the highest possible expertise and giving the best possible investment solutions.

Real Estate

We are a pioneer in actively managed real estate investment strategies and diversification. We work primarily with properties that are off market and where you can obtain exclusivity.

Finance & Risk

We manage investments both core and value-add. We preserve, enhance and grow assets for institutions as well as individuals.

Portfolio Management

We develop ideas and analysis that drive new perspectives and new paths to grow.

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